The Benefits of Meditating Every Morning

Some people may loathe the idea of getting up 30 minutes earlier every morning. But, most people don’t realize that waking up 30 minutes earlier every morning to mediate will help keep them stay focused and energized all day. Morning meditation has an immense amount of benefits. To give you an idea of the unexpected benefits from morning meditation, here are a few.

1.) Say goodbye to reliance on coffee

Young female meditate in nature

A lot of people feel like they need to have coffee in the morning to survive. While a lot of people definitely need a little pick-me-up in the morning, they don’t need to get their energy boost from coffee. People who meditate regularly every morning will see that their reliance on coffee will diminish. Since meditation brings your body into a deep state of relaxation, you will feel reenergized and will be able to continue your day as if you just gulped down a cup of caffeine.

2.) You will have a sharper mind

Many people who don’t meditate have trouble concentrating, or will experience racing thoughts throughout the day. While these thoughts can range from negative thoughts, to random and otherwise stupid thoughts, they are all essentially equivalent to junk email. It may seem hard to get rid of these thoughts, but it can actually be simply solved. By meditating on a regular basis, you will be able to have a sharper mind that has thrown out the random continuous thoughts you used to have.

3.) You become more adaptable to change


Without mediation, people are more prone to have small outbursts of rage when things don’t go the way they expected them to. A common situation many people face is when they are late to work and there is heavy traffic. This can cause people to yell, freak out, and even throw a physical tantrum. But, mediation will teach you how to relax in those situations. So, the heavy unexpected traffic you experience while you’re running late to work will come at ease instead of infuriating you.

4.) Reduced stress

It seems like people are consistently trying to find a magical cure for stress. Most people are willing to try an insane diet change, or take a pill in order to regulate their stress levels. But, most people don’t realize that stress can be easily dissolved and managed with regular mediation. Stress often lowers your levels of happiness, causes a disruption in your sleep pattern, and limits your creativity. Well, meditation causes an increase of each of those things. So, meditation basically acts as a positive opposing force to stress.

5.) Cleaner Eating


When you feel stressed or you aren’t getting enough sleep, you are more likely to eat junk food. Meditation not only combats stress and improves your sleeping habits, but it teaches you to value your overall health. All of these factors will ultimately contribute to you making more conscious and healthy choices when deciding what to eat.

6.) You become a better multitasker

Research has shown that meditation helps to expand your mind and time management skills, which ultimately help you become a better multitasker. One of the best things that good multitasking contributes to is safe driving. So, you will also become a more observant and safer driver.

7.) Less headaches

Many people who meditate report that they have fewer headaches. While research is still in the earliest phases to fully support this claim, current research has shown promising results that meditation does in fact reduce headaches. Thus, like when attempting to manage stress, stop putting random pills in your body and start meditating.

8.) Your mind expands

Overall, meditation expands your mind. This means that you will happier, content, and will want to learn and explore more. This will help you personally and socially because you will feel better about yourself and have a more positive approach to others. Mediation will help you realize that the world is truly your oyster.  

These are the Jack LaLanne Juicers Debbie Recommends

Jack LaLanne was a popular fitness and nutritional expert. LaLanne is regarded as “the godfather of modern fitness”, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that health advocates from all over the world purchase his products. One of the products LaLanne is known for is his line of juicers. LaLanne manufactured more than a few juicers, so deciding which juicer is the best is difficult. So, here is a list of the best Jack LaLanne juicers that I recommend.

1.) Jack LaLanne JLSS Power Juicer Deluxe


The Jack LaLanne JLSS Power Juicer Deluxe is not only one of the best Jack LaLanne juicers, but it is ranked among the best juicers on the market. Priced at $110, this juicer is perfect for people who want an easy-to-use, yet advanced, juicer. This juicer is known for the large chute and pusher, which makes it extremely easy to juice large and hard fruits and vegetables. When you begin juicing your food, you can barely hear the high power motor. Finally, this chic stainless steel juicer is equipped with non-drip technology and a large pulp container. Thus, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up juice or pulp that spilled while you were still juicing your food.

2.) Jack LaLanne’s 100th Anniversary Fusion Juicer

One of the most advanced Jack LaLanne juicers is the Jack LaLanne’s 100th Anniversary Fusion Juicer. Priced at the moderate price of $70, this juicer is built with anything but basic technology. Designed with an extra-large food chute and 800 watt motor, the 100th Anniversary Fusion Juicer is ensures that it is adequately powered to juice any type of fruit and vegetable. Some of the best features of this juicer are the steel blades that are up to par with surgical quality, and two different power speeds. Thus, you won’t have to worry about chopping up large or hard food products before juicing them. Finally, this juicer comes with a special Jack LaLanne book, The Ultimate Juicing Book Guide. Thus, you can extend your knowledge about juicing while using one the highest quality juicers on the market.

3.) Jack LaLanne JLPJB Power Juicer


People are often hesitant to purchase the Jack LaLanne JLPJB Power Juicer because it was the first juicer manufactured by Jack LaLanne. Although it is the oldest Jack LaLanne juicer, the JLPJB Power Juicer has a simple and efficient design that is perfect for people who are new to juicing. Priced at $70, this is one of cheapest juicers on the market. The round feeder is one of the largest on the market, and the pulp collector is also larger than the average juicer pulp collector. Thus, you won’t have to worry about cutting your fruits and vegetables before juicing them and emptying your pulp collector regularly while you’re in the middle of juicing. Although the 3,600 RPM motor is powerful, you won’t have to worry about disturbing other members of your household while you are juicing fruits and vegetables because it produces noise that is around the level of a whisper. This juicer even comes with a beginner’s guide to juicing. Who doesn’t love free and nutritional juicing recipes? Get more information from this site.

4.) Jack LaLanne PJEW Power Juicer Express

If you’re a fan of the Jack LaLanne JLPJB Power Juicer, but want something a bit more advanced then check out the Jack LaLanne PJEW Power Juicer Express. This juicer is basically the 2.0 version of the Jack LaLanne JLPJB Power Juicer, and it’s only $10 more (it costs $80 compared to the JLPJB Power Juicer which costs $70). The PJEW Power Express Juicer comes in three colors; white, stainless steel, and black. Like the JLPJB Power Juicer, the PJEW Power Express has a large round tube that makes it easy for fruits and vegetables to fall into the juicing blades. With a 250 watt powered motor, the PJEW Power Juicer Express takes a little bit longer to juice food than some of the pricier juicers on the market, but the end juice result is top quality. Users report that the juice is smoother, purer, and less foamy than the juice that higher end juicers produce.


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Awesome Breakfast Ideas

A vast amount of research has shown that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With a variety of breakfast options that are easy to make and eat while on the go, there is no excuse as to why you are skipping breakfast. Aside from ensuring that you eat breakfast every day, it’s important to realize that breakfast shouldn’t include foods that are high in fat or sugar. If you eat a healthy and nutrient dense meal in the morning, then you will feel fuller and more energized. In order to give you an idea of what you can eat for breakfast, here are a few awesome breakfast ideas.

1.) Berry Smoothie


Smoothies are the best breakfast options for people who want something easy to make that they can take with them while they drive to work or school. One of the most delicious smoothies is a berry smoothie that is made of a banana, a mixture of berries, Greek yogurt, and a small amount of milk. Simply blend the mixture together, and you have the perfect smoothie.

2.) Fruit Quinoa

Quinoa doesn’t have to be a food that is only eaten for lunch and dinner. If you have an extra cup of quinoa, mix it with a variety of fruit to create a mixture that is similar to a fruit salad. You can even add a little bit of honey to make it a tad sweeter. The quinoa will add an element of density to the fruit and provide you with more nutrients.

3.) Avocado Egg Toast


This has become one the most popular breakfast options among teenagers and social media influencers, and we completely understand why. Avocado is delicious, and you can create a breakfast dish by simply spreading it on a piece of toast and placing a sunny-side up egg on the top of it.

4.) PB&J on a Waffle

While a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is typically eaten for lunch, you can justify eating it for breakfast by swapping bread for two waffles. Eat a few strawberries with your waffle PB&J for some added nutrients.

5.) Protein Breakfast Burrito

5207.00_Brkfst_Burrito 044

Breakfast time is the perfect opportunity to eat a large amount of protein. While eating the leftover half of your Chipotle burrito may seem like a good idea because it’s full of protein, opt for creating your own breakfast burrito. A quick and delicious protein breakfast burrito is full of eggs and black beans. Simply smear a bit of sweet potato on a tortilla wrap and add a combination of eggs and black beans. You can tweak this recipe to your taste by adding any other vegetables and spices to the burrito.

6.) Granola Apple Bites

This is the perfect breakfast option for people who like to eat sweet things for breakfast. Simply cut an apple into wedge shapes, then spread a spoonful of peanut butter on each of the wedges. Afterwards, place a little bit of granola on top of the peanut butter, followed by a little bit of melted chocolate. You can even place these granola apple bites in plastic wrap and eat them as a snack throughout your day.

7.) Quinoa Muffins

By now it should be evident that quinoa is a perfect breakfast staple. Simply add quinoa into your favorite muffin mixture and bake them until they are golden. Once they have cooled, you can sprinkle extra quinoa on the top, along with any other flavoring. Muffins are great for breakfast because you can bake a bunch at once, which should last you a few days, and they are easy to take along with you.

8.) Microwave Breakfast Quiche


Modern cooking is all about efficiency, so it shouldn’t surprise you that there is an easier way to make quiche. Simply place some spinach in the bottom of a mug and top it with water. Place the mug in the microwave on high power for approximately one minute. Then, drain the water and add the rest of your ingredients. You should have an egg, milk, and cheese. The other ingredients can be up to you, as they can be tailored to your taste. Mix all of your ingredients together until you have a comprehensive mixture, then microwave for approximately four minutes on high speed. Let your quiche cool down, then enjoy!